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Snooker Aiming Techniques

The British Army invented snooker in the 19th century. Since then, the cue sport has become popular in different continents. It involves covering a rectangular table with a green cloth and creating pockets in its corners and sides. But, many regular players often miss the right snooker balls. The following are three snooker aiming techniques that will make you a professional player.

1.      Peripheral Potting

This entails looking at a cue ball instead of the object ball. At times, you might get tempted to follow the object ball as it enters the pocket. But this might make you lose the game. If you are a beginner, you can take short pots and increase the distance gradually. Some people aren't aware of the power of their peripheral vision. Don't solely focus on a certain part of the ball.

2.      Proxy Snooker Potting

Are you an ardent UK Championship fan? Check the Betway Insider to get reliable predictions of the renowned snooker tournament. Proxy snooker potting entails watching a skilled player in a club. They should be playing another game, as you cannot learn different tricks from an opponent. This will help you follow an object ball till it stops rolling. Some players cannot focus on the ball once they hit it.

You need to track the object ball to determine the exact pocket that you missed. It is tricky to understand various potting angles if you haven't' understood the right object ball paths. Many sub 40/50 break gamers believe that a sighting formula can help one hit the object ball at a specific point.

Don't look at a ball's light reflections or shadows. Instead, focus on its midsection. It is necessary to use a consistent method when visualizing the object ball. Typically, we use peripheral vision to make most aims in a game. The eye collects data on how a shot looks and helps a player confirm if an aim is inaccurate.

Generally, club players need to pay attention to the cue and object balls. With time, you will learn to aim at the cue ball rather than the object ball. Besides, many professional players spend over 85 percent of their eye time on cue balls. They often get down after aiming. Also, they recommend aiming when the tip is on the mid-section of the cue ball and your cue is straight.

3.      Aimless Snooker Balls Hitting

Spread out the balls on the table and pick different angles in which you will direct the cue ball to the object ball. You should make a straight delivery with 100 angles. Thus, you cannot pot the ball, send it to a particular part of the green cloth, or hit the object ball. Master how to pot the ball that the cue points and observe the object ball.

Winning snooker isn't a walk in the park for many players. It is important to understand the rules and take accurate shots. Betway offers nice odds for the annual UK Championship. The Marshall Arena, England hosted last year's tournament. It attracted local and foreign snooker players. It is advisable to improve your cueing to defeat top players.


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