Published by Pat in loving memory of Jim Meador

You've found your way to the 1998 Billiard World section. The articles, drills and artwork were created by Jim Meador. Some of the pages are new, some are from our Chalk Talk newsletter. This web site provided Jim with an opportunity to enjoy two of his loves in & pool. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed watching him create it.

I'll be posting more of Jim's work as soon as I finish preparing it for publication on the web. So, read what we have so far and check back for more.



Always Consider A Safety
Be Creative For Fun
Beginner Tips on Aiming
Bumper Pool
Can Throw Cancel Squirt
Common Scratch
Consider Your Options
Control Your Speed 
Creative Shooting
Creative Win
Creative Art Of Reverse English
Dealing With Anxiety
Do You Really Need Sidespin?
Eight Ball Break
Focus: Object or Cue Ball Last?
Forgotten Games
Frozen Ball Throw Shot
Go For The Win!
Hit Accuracy
Jitterbugging Cue Ball!
Keep Your Butt Down!
Losing Is Not An Option
Make That Ball!!
More On Throw
Outside & Inside Spin
Position Options
Power Follow Shot
Practice Your Hit on the Cue Ball
Shoot Great Pool!
Squirt & Throw
The Tangent Line
Two and Three Rail Drill
Two Drills
Useful Drills
Would You Go For It Or Play Safe?

Battle of the Sexes
Billiard Newsgroup
League Pool 
Meador's Cube
Perch Are Fish
Play the Odds
Putting It All Together
Reduce The Brain Clutter
Secret To Playing Great Pool! 
Selecting Your First Cue Stick
Selecting Your Table
Snooker Table and Overview
Topless Sharking

Kids and Pool

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