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In Loving Memory of Jim Meador




Jim Meador


 From Left to right:  Andy Meador, Vicki Highsmith, Michael Meador ,Chuck Meador



In Loving Memory of Jim Meador

In April 1998, The game of Billiards lost one of its biggest fans, Jim Meador, publisher of Billiard World web magazine. Jim died suddenly from a heart attack in his Newport News, Va. Home. In his memory, Billiard World is now maintained by Chuck Meador. His children proudly respond to all emails, as they inherited an equal love for the game. Thanks in advance for your support in our fathers passion.





Thanksgiving Day 1999

 From Left to right:  Steve Montgomery, Dee Meador, Karen Meador, Andy Meador (in the back) Vicki Montgomery, Chuck Meador Michael Meador

November 1998. Thanksgiving day at Chuck's house we gathered around the pool table in my garage and played a mini pool tournament to remember our father. We looked through one of dad's boxes (he only had a couple of boxes, mostly paints and brushes) for a suitable award for the winner and found an old plaque that was given to dad in the 60's when he worked for the daily press. Vicki won the first year.

November 1999. We had Thanksgiving at Vicki's and again we played a small tournament to remember our father....Vicki won again!





Chuck Wins the 2003 Tournament 


Chuck Wins the 2003 annual Jim Meador Pool Tournament.







November 2003  Jim Meador Tournament. 











Andy Meador Won 2007 Jim Meador Tournament.

Jim's Children      Andy, Vicki, Chuck, Michael


Andy Wins the 2007 annual Jim Meador Pool Tournament.








                  November 2007 Jim Meador Tournament. 









Corbin Wins the  2008 Tournament 


Corbin Wins the 2008 annual Jim Meador Pool Tournament.

(Jim's Grandaughter)











Andy wins the 2009 Tournament












Tommy Highsmith wins the 2011 Tournament

Dee taking pool lessons from the Pro's (all day every day for a week)

(Jim's Grandson)




Dee, Andy and Chuck go to the US Expo in Valley Forge!


Vicki Highsmith came in 2nd place at the 2008 Las Vegas Jack and Jill National Finals.