Consider Your Options

by Jim Meador

"There's more than one way to skin a cat." I have not the slightest idea where that rather gory phrase came from- certainly not from a cat lover. It is none-the-less true. The challenge below is to get position on the ball frozen to the head rail. All are rather advanced shots.

Sink the ball in pocket (B) and draw for position. If you are a strong draw shooter this is your best choice. If you scratch in the side, use less bottom and more left.

The draw shot is blocked, and the cueball path for pocket (A) is also blocked. Go for pocket (B) using 3 or 4 rails. Remember, it is the spin, not the speed that matters here.


Again, you are reduced to one option. This shot is not unlike the previous 3 rail shot except you are using left instead of right to get your running english off the rails.


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