Creative Win

by Jim Meador

You are on the 8-ball. You are trapped by the 12 and 13-ball. You can't cut in the side, run the ball down the rail without scratching in the side, or kick from the other side.

Call the 8-ball in the side anyway. In this shot the side spin does not grab the first rail noticeably when it approaches from a wide angle, but will react dramatically with the fuller hit on the second rail. This anomaly permits for very creative multi-rail shots, such as the one illustrated. You may have to experiment with the english a little, but the cue ball hit shown is close.

You have two chances of making the ball. If you fail to put enough side spin on the ball, you might make the 8-ball directly off the second rail. But, it is best to go for the third rail hit (the1st and 3rd being the same rail in this case) since it is a higher percentage shot than playing just two.

If you hit, but fail to sink the 8-ball, you can still end up with a fair safety on the far short rail, if you shoot with the right speed. So, when you practice this shot, be sure to include speed control.

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