Go For The Win!

by Charlie Williams

This is a shot that comes up a lot. You can shoot the safe by banking the 7-ball to the center of the rail, but the better choice is not to let your opponent shoot at all. It is not an easy shot, but one that can be a high percentage shot if it is practiced.

Here's how it's done:

1) This is obviously a thin hit on the object ball. Use low english to to "kill" (slow) the cue ball before it hits the object ball.

2) The extreme right english will spin the cue ball off the long rail for position. You want the cue ball to massé (curve) right slightly, into the object ball so that it will widen the angle to the rail. The right spin will also cause the cue ball to rebound off the rail at a wider than normal tangent.

3) Speed is very important. It is a relatively soft shot that will allow the english time to take hold before it gets to the object ball.

4) Remember, you are "throwing" the object ball into the corner pocket, so don't aim too thin.

5) Aim a little full at first, and then adjust as needed.

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