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Trick Shots

 | by  Willie Jopling

Something Old, Something New

This is an addition to an old trick shot I first saw Jimmy Caras do in the late 40's. It is in his trick shot book and on The Ultimate Trick Shot Tape. My addition of the 9 ball makes it an even higher percentage shot.

Anyone who has not seen the old version would have no idea that the 9 ball in the diagram is dead in the side pocket.

The 3, 4, 2 and 1 balls are all frozen in a straight line from the center diamond on the side rail. The 1 ball should be tapped to hold the 3 against the rail and keep all the others frozen.

Position the tip of your cue in the left side of the side pocket and ease the butt against the 1 ball, as illustrated with ghost image. Place the 9 ball against the butt, leaving a one inch space between the 9 and 1. Tap the 9 into place and carefully remove your cue from the table.

Tell your audience that you are going to make a good hit on the 1 and pocket the 9 in the side pocket to your right.

Using low right English and a medium stroke, hit as much 1 ball as you can without touching the 9 ball and you'll pocket the 9 in the side. A soft stroke will make the 9 go long and a hard strike will make it run short.

This is a great shot! Try it!


15 Ball Combo

Here's a 15-Ball combo/carom on the 8 ball in the side pocket. This shot not only looks good, it sounds good, so don't be intimidated by the complexity of the diagram, it is really a fun shot.

The 1 ball is on the foot spot, with the 8 frozen directly in front of it. The 1 and 2 balls are on line halfway between diamonds 5 and 6, with a half-inch space between them. Line the 5-8 to the tip of the corner pocket. Then line up the remaining 12 balls in a perfect arc, with approximately one-ball space between each.

Strike this shot with a medium stroke and the 8 should fall in the side. If the 8 fails to go in the pocket you can correct it's path by moving the 2 ball up or down the table slightly.