Useful Drills, Typical Shots

by Jim Meador

Above: All of the above shots are relatively easy to execute. In figure (1) draw the cue ball off the left rail back to the bottom rail. In figure (2) try to spin off the top rail and back toward the spot. In figure (3) try to draw the cue ball to run parallel with the top rail without hitting it. In figure (4) draw the ball back to the bottom rail.

Above: Assume you must break up the two ball cluster at position (1). Practice this shot from cue ball placements A, B & C using the hits shown on the large cue balls. Each shot, starting with "A", must be stroked successively harder. The next drill, to the right of the table is extremely valuable. In addition to taking the cue ball to positions 2, 3, & 4 try to control your speed to stop the cue ball at the locations shown along each path.

Very Tough, But Fun To Try

Above: This is not an easy shot to execute. First, running the object ball down the rail is difficult enough, but pulling the cue ball around the table with the required extreme bottom left is even tougher. It is an excellent drill, and fun to practice.

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